Object built-in object


Base objects, all objects inherit from this


#lineWidth: 1.5 #font: Helvetica,sans-Serif #fontSize: 10 #leading: 1.6 #.this: fill=lightgray #.class: fill=white [<this>object|toString();toJSON()] [<class>Buffer] [<class>Cipher] [<class>DbConnection] [<class>MySQL] [<class>Odbc] [<class>SQLite] [<class>Digest] [<class>EventEmitter] [<class>ChildProcess] [<class>DgramSocket] [<class>FSWatcher] [<class>LruCache] [<class>Service] [<class>StatsWatcher] [<class>WebSocket] [<class>WebView] [<class>Worker] [<class>Fiber] [<class>Handler] [<class>Chain] [<class>HttpHandler] [<class>HttpRepeater] [<class>Routing] [<class>SslHandler] [<class>HeapGraphEdge] [<class>HeapGraphNode] [<class>HeapSnapshot] [<class>HttpClient] [<class>HttpCollection] [<class>HttpCookie] [<class>HttpUploadData] [<class>Image] [<class>Iterator] [<class>LevelDB] [<class>Lock] [<class>Condition] [<class>Event] [<class>Semaphore] [<class>Message] [<class>HttpMessage] [<class>HttpRequest] [<class>HttpResponse] [<class>WebSocketMessage] [<class>MongoCollection] [<class>MongoCursor] [<class>MongoDB] [<class>MongoID] [<class>PKey] [<class>Redis] [<class>RedisHash] [<class>RedisList] [<class>RedisSet] [<class>RedisSortedSet] [<class>SandBox] [<class>Smtp] [<class>Stat] [<class>Stream] [<class>BufferedStream] [<class>SeekableStream] [<class>File] [<class>MemoryStream] [<class>RangeStream] [<class>Socket] [<class>SslSocket] [<class>TTYInputStream] [<class>TTYOutputStream] [<class>StringDecoder] [<class>TcpServer] [<class>HttpServer] [<class>HttpsServer] [<class>SslServer] [<class>Timer] [<class>UrlObject] [<class>X509Cert] [<class>X509Crl] [<class>X509Req] [<class>XmlAttr] [<class>XmlNamedNodeMap] [<class>XmlNode] [<class>XmlCharacterData] [<class>XmlComment] [<class>XmlText] [<class>XmlCDATASection] [<class>XmlDocument] [<class>XmlDocumentType] [<class>XmlElement] [<class>XmlProcessingInstruction] [<class>XmlNodeList] [<class>ZipFile] [object] <:- [Buffer] [object] <:- [Cipher] [object] <:- [DbConnection] [DbConnection] <:- [MySQL] [DbConnection] <:- [Odbc] [DbConnection] <:- [SQLite] [object] <:- [Digest] [object] <:- [EventEmitter] [EventEmitter] <:- [ChildProcess] [EventEmitter] <:- [DgramSocket] [EventEmitter] <:- [FSWatcher] [EventEmitter] <:- [LruCache] [EventEmitter] <:- [Service] [EventEmitter] <:- [StatsWatcher] [EventEmitter] <:- [WebSocket] [EventEmitter] <:- [WebView] [EventEmitter] <:- [Worker] [object] <:- [Fiber] [object] <:- [Handler] [Handler] <:- [Chain] [Handler] <:- [HttpHandler] [Handler] <:- [HttpRepeater] [Handler] <:- [Routing] [Handler] <:- [SslHandler] [object] <:- [HeapGraphEdge] [object] <:- [HeapGraphNode] [object] <:- [HeapSnapshot] [object] <:- [HttpClient] [object] <:- [HttpCollection] [object] <:- [HttpCookie] [object] <:- [HttpUploadData] [object] <:- [Image] [object] <:- [Iterator] [object] <:- [LevelDB] [object] <:- [Lock] [Lock] <:- [Condition] [Lock] <:- [Event] [Lock] <:- [Semaphore] [object] <:- [Message] [Message] <:- [HttpMessage] [HttpMessage] <:- [HttpRequest] [HttpMessage] <:- [HttpResponse] [Message] <:- [WebSocketMessage] [object] <:- [MongoCollection] [object] <:- [MongoCursor] [object] <:- [MongoDB] [object] <:- [MongoID] [object] <:- [PKey] [object] <:- [Redis] [object] <:- [RedisHash] [object] <:- [RedisList] [object] <:- [RedisSet] [object] <:- [RedisSortedSet] [object] <:- [SandBox] [object] <:- [Smtp] [object] <:- [Stat] [object] <:- [Stream] [Stream] <:- [BufferedStream] [Stream] <:- [SeekableStream] [SeekableStream] <:- [File] [SeekableStream] <:- [MemoryStream] [SeekableStream] <:- [RangeStream] [Stream] <:- [Socket] [Stream] <:- [SslSocket] [Stream] <:- [TTYInputStream] [Stream] <:- [TTYOutputStream] [object] <:- [StringDecoder] [object] <:- [TcpServer] [TcpServer] <:- [HttpServer] [HttpServer] <:- [HttpsServer] [TcpServer] <:- [SslServer] [object] <:- [Timer] [object] <:- [UrlObject] [object] <:- [X509Cert] [object] <:- [X509Crl] [object] <:- [X509Req] [object] <:- [XmlAttr] [object] <:- [XmlNamedNodeMap] [object] <:- [XmlNode] [XmlNode] <:- [XmlCharacterData] [XmlCharacterData] <:- [XmlComment] [XmlCharacterData] <:- [XmlText] [XmlText] <:- [XmlCDATASection] [XmlNode] <:- [XmlDocument] [XmlNode] <:- [XmlDocumentType] [XmlNode] <:- [XmlElement] [XmlNode] <:- [XmlProcessingInstruction] [object] <:- [XmlNodeList] [object] <:- [ZipFile] object toString() toJSON() Buffer Cipher DbConnection MySQL Odbc SQLite Digest EventEmitter ChildProcess DgramSocket FSWatcher LruCache Service StatsWatcher WebSocket WebView Worker Fiber Handler Chain HttpHandler HttpRepeater Routing SslHandler HeapGraphEdge HeapGraphNode HeapSnapshot HttpClient HttpCollection HttpCookie HttpUploadData Image Iterator LevelDB Lock Condition Event Semaphore Message HttpMessage HttpRequest HttpResponse WebSocketMessage MongoCollection MongoCursor MongoDB MongoID PKey Redis RedisHash RedisList RedisSet RedisSortedSet SandBox Smtp Stat Stream BufferedStream SeekableStream File MemoryStream RangeStream Socket SslSocket TTYInputStream TTYOutputStream StringDecoder TcpServer HttpServer HttpsServer SslServer Timer UrlObject X509Cert X509Crl X509Req XmlAttr XmlNamedNodeMap XmlNode XmlCharacterData XmlComment XmlText XmlCDATASection XmlDocument XmlDocumentType XmlElement XmlProcessingInstruction XmlNodeList ZipFile

Member function


Returns the string representation of the object, generally returns "[Native Object]", the object can be re-implemented according to its own characteristics

String object.toString();

Return result:

  • String, Returns the string representation of the object


Returns the JSON format representation of the object, generally returns a collection of readable attributes defined by the object

Value object.toJSON(String key = "");

Call parameters:

  • key: String, unused

Return result:

  • Value, Returns a value containing JSON serializable