Awesome Community Module

Awesome Fibjs

A collection of awesome server-side fibjs libraries, resources and shiny things.


  • fib-session- Session middleware for fibjs.
  • fib-pool- Generic resource pooling for fibjs.
  • fib-orm- Object Relational Mapping for fibjs.
  • fib-app- A development framework for building restful api quickly.
  • fib-kv- general key-value store on sql/level/mongo/redis.
  • fib-rpc- Remote Procedure Calling for fibjs.
  • fib-qr- QR Code Generator for fibjs.
  • fib-pug- One indentation-sensitive html pre-processor.
  • ejs- Embedded JavaScript templates.
  • Juicer- Juicer is an efficient, lightweight front end (Javascript) templating engine
  • highlight.js- Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server. It works with pretty much any markup, doesn't depend on any framework and has automatic language detection.
  • marked- A full-featured markdown parser and compiler, written in JavaScript. Built for speed.
  • node-cron- A simple cron-like job scheduler.
  • debug- A tiny JavaScript debugging utility modeled after Node.js core's debugging technique. Works in Node.js and web browsers.
  • benchmark.js- A benchmarking library.
  • sinon- Test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript.
  • node-mime- Comprehensive MIME type mapping API based on mime-db module.
  • validatorjs- A data validation library
  • superstruct- A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript.
  • cluster-server- Start a multi-thread server to take advantage of multi-core systems.
  • synaptic- architecture-free neural network library
  • source-map- This is a library to generate and consume the source map format described here.
  • json-format- Parse JavaScript Object to a JSON String indented.
  • viz.js- This project is a Makefile for building Graphviz with Emscripten and a simple wrapper for using it in the browser.
  • nomnoml- The sassy UML diagram renderer
  • pegjs- This is a simple parser generator for JavaScript that produces fast parsers with excellent error reporting. You can use it to process complex data or computer languages ​​and build transformers, interpreters, compilers and other tools easily.
  • uglify-js- UglifyJS is a JavaScript parser, minifier, compressor and beautifier toolkit.
  • js-beautify- Beautifier for javascript.
  • chalk-animation- Colorful animations in terminal stdout
  • jsrsasign-cryptography library
  • crypto-js- JavaScript library of crypto standards
  • ascii-table- Easy table output for node debugging, but you could probably do more with it, since its just a string.
  • logstream- wrap a file stream as an extremely high performance log stream.
  • ci- Auto gen ci config files for fibjs project.
  • fs-readdir-recursive- Recursively read a directory.
  • mkdirp- Like mkdir -p, but in fibjs!
  • rmdirr- remove all files and directories like rmdir -rf in fibjs.
  • detect-port- JavaScript Implementation of Port Detector.
  • bitcoinjs-lib- Bitcoin-related functions implemented in pure JavaScript.
  • Rakuten- morphological analyzer (word segmentor + PoS Tagger) for Chinese and Japanese written purely in JavaScript.