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Like mkdir -p, but in fibjs!


$ npm i @fibjs/mkdirp --save


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const mkdirp = require('@fibjs/mkdirp'); try{ mkdirp('/tmp/a/c/d') } catch(err) { console.error(err) }

then /tmp/a/c/d has beed created.


  • mkdirp(dir, opts)

asynchronously create a new directory and any necessary subdirectories at dir with octal permission string opts.mode. If opts is a non-object, it will be treated as the opts.mode.

If opts.mode isn't specified, it defaults to 0777 & (~process.umask()).

Returns the first directory that had to be created, if any.

You can optionally pass in an alternate fs implementation by passing in opts.fs. Your implementation should have opts.fs.mkdir(path, mode) and opts.fs.stat(path).

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