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pugjs is one popular js template engine formerly known as "Jade". It's indentation-sensitive with high-performance. But at some point, it could only run in nodejs (some version of "Jade" can run in browser), because from that point pugjs support APIs such as renderFile which required I/O runtime.


As of fs module, luckily, fibjs has similar API with nodejs, we can run pugjs in fibjs, just do some magic hack with fibjs's sandbox module.


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/** * only test in fibjs 0.21 and pug@2.0.0-rc.4 * */ const vm = require('vm'); const sbox = new vm.SandBox({ fs: require('fs'), path: require('path'), http: require('http'), https: require('http'), assert: require('assert'), url: require('url'), os: require('os'), util: require('util') }); // one valid pug module const pug = sbox.require('pug', __filename)

as code above, just provide property module for orignal pug module in nodejs, you can run pugjs in fibjs.

But I can't test all version of fibjs and pug, so I mark the tested version of fibjs and pug in package.jsonand would notice developer if version when running this module in DEBUG mode.


I just support some API of pugjs, but I belive it's enough for your project in most cases.

  • compile
  • render
  • renderFile

view the parameters of this api in pugjs's page.


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#!/usr/bin/env fibjs const locals = {testVar: '测试变量'} const rawText = 'div\n\t| #{testVar}' try { html = pug.compile(rawText, {pretty: true})(locals); } catch (e) { html = '' error = e.message } console.log(html) // '<div>测试变量</div>'